Accommodation / Tenancy

Accommodation / Tenancy

We will assist with Accommodation and Tenancy Obligations supports to find affordable, safe and appropriate accommodation. Find a suitable SIL/STA home in your chosen area. Liaising with capacity building assistance to support people to achieve their individual goals.

Depending on individual circumstances and goals, Touch Of care assistance include:

  • Liaising with DHHS, real estate agents or proprietors to identify barriers to maintaining at risk tenancies
  • Identifying and implementing strategies to maintain current tenancies
  • Exploring alternative housing options
  • Assisting with private rental applications
  • Assisting to lodge applications for DHHS rentals
  • Supporting participants to obtain DHHS Bond Loan and essential household items

In Respite Care Services

Respite supports participants and their carers by giving carers short breaks from their caring responsibilities. It also gives participants time away from their families. Our caregivers are flexible, supportive, and above all, passionate about Making Lives Better.

Personalised Care Plans to suit your needs. This may include medication management, health monitoring, transportation. We want you to live safer, healthier and happier at home.

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